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We offer a varied selection of products for your covenience.
Hot, Cold, Snack and "Home Cooked"

Cold drinks

Scotia Vending owns and operates all its equipment and accordingly is under no obligation to a particular product manufacturer thus we are able to provide the best of all Coke, Pepsi, Juice and Energy Drinks in a single machine.

All your favorite drinks are also available in 355 ml cans or 591 ml plastic bottles.

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Cold Drinks


We provide a complete assortment of snack options ranging from more traditional snacks such as potato chips, chocolate bars and candy to the more healthy options.

We also provide a line of pastries such as cinnamon buns, danishes, strudles, cookies, pop tarts, puffed wheat and rice crispy squares.

Alternatively we can also provide a line of healthier options such as baked potato chips, crips, bran and granola bars, oatmeal bars, fruit bars, trail mix, welch's fruit snacks and protein bars, just to name a few.

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Hot drinks

At Scotia Vending we provide a complete coffee service ranging from coin operated coffee machines to office coffee solutions.

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Hot Drinks


Yes, we provide real food and it's really good. Scotia Vending is one of the few vending companies in the Calgary area that owns and operates its own Alberta Health Services inspected and approved commercial kitchen.

Thus we are able to provide Fresh Sandwiches and "Home Cooked" meals in our deli vendors.

Our Offerings

Meals Fresh Sandwiches
Chilli Ham
Shepherds pie Roast Beef
Cabbage Rolls Chicken
Baked Lasagna Crab
Chicken Ceaser Salad Chicken Salad
Fresh Fruit Cups Egg Salad
Calzones & Pizza Tuna
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Hot Drinks